Thursday, September 26, 2013

Who created the universe?

I wrote these lines in an attempt to know what I don’t know

and to know the reason why I don’t know when actually the 

truth is that I cannot know.

Who created this large universe?

I am drowned in believes.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Learning to give to poor people

Suppose I live in the place called ABC of India. There are 10 extremely poor people near my home. The monetary status of the poor people can be calculated by the government. Now each of these 10 people will have the right to collect Rs. 2 per week from the adjacent 25 houses of the rich people around them. This means from the houses near the houses of these 10 people they will collect Rs. 50 per week. To survive as an individual in India (to have food) this much amount can be sufficient for an extremely poor person. The rich person will in turn be served on one day in every 6 months by the poor people. “It will be that I give you for sure and you give me if you can.” That is to say that the rich people will give for sure Rs. 2 to each of the 10 person every week and the poor man will give if he can. This will cultivate the habit of "giving to poor" in us Indians and then we Indians might stop giving a lot to the temples as they normally do. The children will see that the rich and the poor work together to make the world better. I am still thinking about how exactly it can be best presented. However, this is somewhat like the way it could be. :)

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

God can be understood

I have a theory. There are two types of energies in the universe. One is positive for it supports the earth and can be called as Alien-God energy. The other energy is negative for it is the enemy of earth and can be called as Alien-Enemy energy. God generates a good part of His energy in planets like earth. Thus, God depends on planets like earth to provide Him with energy which is positive. Enemy alien also gets negative energy from earth. The God and the enemy alien are at war with each other. If we generate positive energy on earth then God can get His energy increased. This means energy (good souls) add to the energy of God. We can guide people to live life in a manner that they generate positive energy for God which can then be even beneficial for the people themselves and of course the earth! I would like to work on this project of creating positive energy which can save our society. :)
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Science: Forests that can move from one place to another

Sliding/Moving forests: I want to create sliding/moving forests. The reason for creating such forests is that may be I create forests on land XYZ and tomorrow I need that particular piece of land for creating a very important tunnel. In such cases when forests are cut the sliding or moving forests will prove to be best. The feature of sliding or moving forests will be such that it can be moved from one place to another place as per need. You are not required to cut them to create something important in future. The trees of these forests will rest on a sliding platform. A good amount of roots of the trees will be above the sliding platform so that at the time of moving the trees from one place to a mile ahead the trees won't die. Yes, it will be possible to slide the trees and move it from one place to another. The sliding forests will be environmentally as friendly as any other forests of the world. If I have one acre of land empty for 2 years then I can transfer sliding forest in that area for that much time and then shift the forest to some other place. 

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

A very useful farming method

Buildings for farming: I want to create a building of 25 storeys where on every floor of the building crops will be grown. Thus, all the 25 floors will be lands for growing vegetables. If the building occupies X acres of land then the total amount of land available with the farmers for growing crops will be 25 times X acres. The building will be unique in its construction. The sunlight will fall on the crops of all the 25 floors by reflection technique. There will be machines installed around the building with the purpose of reflecting the sunlight on the crops of each and every floor. This technique can help fight the problem of shortage of space for growing vegetables. 
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Music be the language of international peace

Can music be used to celebrate peace between nations? Can music be considered as the best language to spread the message of peace in youths of all nations? Can music be the common language of communication? Can music become an international language of peace and brotherhood? Can music be made to represent a country in peaceful talks? Can songs on peace be created and presented to the world? Do we understand music better than peace? If we use music will we be able to understand peace as much as we understand music? Can love for music be used as a route for love for peace? Youths love music so will they love peace if it comes in music form? This thought is music to my heart!
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Planets can be normal and abnormal too

Just as there are normal babies and mentally and physically challenged babies, there are planets which are normal and which are challenged. Both are planets but one is in working order and the other is disordered. May be some of the planets in our solar system were born with disorders and therefore they never had life on them. May be some of the planets caught an incurable disease and died. So may be some of the planets in our solar system are dead. A human body is a human body whether dead or alive. Are we working on dead planets? Are the planets around our planet dead or disordered planets? What kind of disorders a planet can be born with? Is life the requirement of the planet for long run survival? Or is it that only we are dependent on planet and the planet is not dependent on us? Are we humans responsible for the existence of this solar system? Is there some form of energy that is transmitted through humans which makes the solar system a reality? Are we humans the most important element of the solar system? Are we required just like the sun?

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Even a slightest action has a great effect on universe

Is there anything without any effect? Is there any change possible anywhere in the universe which will have absolutely no effect? Is there simply anything that makes no changes in energy or anything else? Then why do people doubt that everything affects? How much it varies? But yes change of name had an effect. It makes a difference. Everything makes a "difference" (or changes) in our world.

Some people ask how much difference it makes. What difference it makes? To what extent difference will be made? This is a very, very difficult question. My one mortal life is unable to answer it. Let me explain. If I pick up my one pen from table and place it on the chair, what difference did it make on earth as a whole? What difference it made in the whole of the universe? Immense effect. No one can calculate effect of even the minutest of the things. No one knows what difference things make. So be satisfied with the answer that everything makes a difference. Can you tell me what exact difference it will create on earth if I stop breathing for 20 seconds? Calculate it. I give you 1 million years to calculate the difference it makes on the whole universe if I stop breathing for 20 seconds. You won't be able to do it even in that much time. Just remember before touching anything that it makes a difference. This is my research if you disagree let me know.
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Creating charged bodies of water on earth

I want a tank of water for this project. I want to preserve the energies from the sun, moon and stars in this tank of water. It will be constructed in the manner such that the rays of moon and stars fall directly on the water. The water will later be studied for providing health benefits to the people of the world. It will be a unique project in itself since a tank water to preserve energies from moon and stars has never been created before. Its water should not be made dirty or touched by feet. The tank will comprise of water of high level of positive energy. The tank of water will be surrounded by hundreds of Tulsi plants to increase the positive energy. It can be a place of worship but the objective will be to "concentrate" positive energies in one place and check for its effect on human health, intelligence and city as a whole. I can create a platform of calmness and positive energies which can deliver that peace which is searched wrongly in drugs and alcohol. The tank water will be very good for the environment. One more objective behind this will be to create a purely natural and clean place in every city. I mean the place will be the one that is most desired by earth. Just how the earth would have been untouched by loud sound and harsh realities of existence. "I want to create a piece of perfect place in every city. Perfect with respect to water, energies, land, plants, etc. I want to see what a piece of perfect place can do for the environment and mankind as a whole. Untouched by dust; smiling through sky's energizing rays." I would love to do this!

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Organization with highest efficency

It is my dream that I should open a Center of Paranormal. These paranormal people will be recruited by me. I will make sure they have gifted abilities in at least one required aspect of Global Welfare. It will be an organization of paranormal. The paranormal will work on the tasks assigned by me. I am also a paranormal. I can direct paranormal people and create miracles. As a result of this organization we will find many solutions to the problems related to environment, illiteracy, poverty, etc. Would you please be interested? I would create a science beyond boundaries of present scientific possibilities. Please give me a chance. 

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Environmental changes and lengthening life

Breathing exercises (pranayama) can help treat many diseases and disorders. This has been proved by research. I have developed a technique by virtue of which anybody can perform breathing exercises. It will be an instrument with which even a patient in coma can be made to perform the breathing exercise. The added advantage of this instrument will be that just by using it for 30 minutes anybody can feel fit. You don't have to do anything it all gets done by the instrument. In addition to this, I have an idea by which I will create an instrument for the nose which will enable exclusive good air breathing. Suppose I am in Japan and in the air their are invisible nuclear fallout. I will then wear this instrument inside my nose. I will fix it. I can then stay in the area of Japan with high sensitivity and still not get affected. This is because the air that will pass my nose will get filtered. I call this technique as additional filters technique which filters the air again. The development of this technique is essential as soon as possible since there are many hazardous substances in the air of the present time. The advantage is that it won't be a mask but a filter inside the nose. Also, considering the fact that most of the breathing is done by the nose this technique will ensure life of a longer duration for anybody living in any part of the world. I can develop these methods which will help sustain healthy life. Healthy life is essential for development.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

More intelligent than extraordinary humans

My project: I want to create Super-humans. These humans will be at least thousand times more intelligent than Einstein. I am working on the method of multiplying human intelligence. Imagine we will solve the environmental problems with super humans' brains. Will you like to fund this project? I would love to work on this task. Do you agree an increase in intelligence means a decrease in problems of all sort on our planet? Who knows super humans can become our God on earth and can prove to be smarter than aliens?  Can my selected paranormal be made to marry my selected another paranormal? Can I then study their children? Can this be done on at least 100 couples?

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Leaders helping others

It is an idea to create leaders, encourage helping behaviour and create a perfect community of people. The idea is: Suppose I live in the place called XYZ. All those people who are in need of help of any form will post their needs in their own residing locations. When I have few hours free I will check the needs of the people living in an area of 100 miles near my house. I might decide to help two people near my house. When I am helping and I have helped my photographs and helping hand will be included in the TV channel Helping Hands. Thus, this system will operate with the help of Internet and TV channel. With the help of Internet I will locate the people in need around my area and with the help of TV channel I will be appreciated and encouraged for future helping works. This will enable to know who is helpful to what level near my house. So if I need help of a particular type whom I should contact. Since good deeds will be appreciated in TV channel the people can choose their future political leaders from the ones who help most.  
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Best method to fight domestic violence

I would like to create "Women's Scream Detection Software". This software will work with the help of Internet or the telephone or the mobile. The purpose of this software will be to detect screams and immediately report about such screams. For example: I have one mobile in my home and because of some problem I start screaming. Screaming will immediately send unique signals through the mobile or Internet connection to the concerned department. Every home will be required to install the scream detector and keep it ON for 24 hours. Thus, if the husband is beating the wife then the scream detector will detect this sound and report so that the action can be taken. This can prove to be the best method to fight violence against women and children. Please note that scream sound can be so configured that the purpose of scream can be known and talks other than the screams won't get recognized or recorded. Suppose there are three women in my house then the software will be so installed that it detects these three different voices by name and can distinguish the screams of these voices from the voices on television shows. The software will also look for some crying voice before or after the scream. The software will also look for some banging or hitting sound. I would love to develop this software!

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Thursday, September 19, 2013

Should plants decide which human is a weed and which is not?

There are some weeds in my pot. I don't feel like killing them. I went to a Gardner today and he use to just pluck and throw the weeds. Why should we kill weeds to grow food? I don't want to kill anyone. What should I do of the weeds? I can kill weeds because I am more powerful than the weeds. In reality I might be the weed and it might be nature. 
Today I will pluck and throw the weeds. Tomorrow the government of my country might realize that I am a weed and might throw me. How will I feel then? 
What should I do with the weeds? Should I create a separate pot for weeds but then this is not possible. 
Imagine plants will decide which human is a weed and which is not. I am not sure whether I will survive? 
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Climate change and Index of Peace

Climate has an Index of Peace. I call it Index of Peace because it is the required level of peace essential for harmonious survival of the environment with the universe. This Index of Peace is also based on the prior experiences of the environment. For instance, plants do not have much acquaintance with high intensity of sound, light and other pollution. The Index of Peace can be calculated and any level above 33% of it can be regarded as potentially negative for environment's survival. Index of Peace requires a set pattern of human behaviour for accomplishment. Have we defined this set pattern? Humans have to play a very important role for the survival of the environment in the range of right Index of Peace. It is essential that the Index of peace be highlighted in each and every aspect of the environment so that the exact requirements are met without error.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Is the climate responsible for our current status or are we responsible for the climate?

What is more important? First humans affect by climate or does first climate controls humans. This is important. For example, in the absence of sunlight I feel depressed because that is how my human body is programmed. Now, if because of depression I feel mad at things around and start plucking and uprooting plants. Where is the mistake? Who is affecting whom more? Who is affecting first? Is climate affecting my mood and my mood then affecting the environment or is it the reverse? The climate has no life but it can be more potential than human life. There can be a climate when I feel lazy. I don't even care to water the plants in my garden and they die. Who made me lazy and how plants affected me to be more of that? I think climate has affected human beings more than human beings have affected the climate. The more powerful is climate and the more powerful has more control. We should also study how the climate has brought us to the present stage of civilization. I mean the present status of our society is because of the climate and this is truer than the concept that the present stage of the climate is because of us. Are humans a prey of climate? I hope I have made myself clear.
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Life on earth is not possible without human direction

Are we humans the lions of the earth? With whom the animals are endangered and without whom the ecology might not exist as well. We harm the environment but is it that the earth is so structured that without humans all life will shrink to nothing? What if the aliens attack the earth that will protect our planet if we don't exist? We might be more required than we think we actually are. Our negatives might be altering some natural systems but our positives might be confirming that life actually continues. What about a world with thousands of lions and extinction of all other animals because of no humans to control? Does our environment know how to grow, in which direction to grow? Will this earth be all weeds without humans? What if herbivorous animals won't get any fruits to eat because the trees are all weeds? Do we not decorate the world as well? Are we sure that life is possible without control? Then is it not possible to say that life on earth still exists because humans were born and continue to live?
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Noise pollution might be causing tornadoes

In the history the noise pollution was very much less as compared to what it is now. Is noise pollution affecting environment negatively and is it the cause of tornadoes? Hinduism believes that the world was created by the word OM. Every word has a sound. Numerology believes in sound. Bible in the Gospel of John talks about the beginning of the world with a word. Can we not study the effect of sound on the environment? The artificial sound that we are creating today is like banging the air with the stick. The high amount of energy that is entering the earth's environment through noise pollution might be the cause of hurricane. Can we not study the effect of sound? Let me know what you think.
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Happy Birthday: You have grown a year smarter and not older

Don't say you have grown a year older. You have grown a year smarter.

Each day I grow a day smarter!

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Monday, September 9, 2013

God bless the environment of our mind

God bless the environment of our mind.

This is the most important of all environments.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Climate change: Search of right ideas

Can the study on interaction between moon and stars help understand environmental changes on earth?

Written by

Ekta K. Kalra

Monday, August 19, 2013

Earth is a scientific invention

Who created this planet? God or alien? Who are we searching for? God or alien? Earth was a scientific invention and not a result of bing bang. We need to understand how things are related and not how they work individually. You and me have also affected the environment and our every good and bad deed linked/unlinked affects it. Do we understand that every scientific invention has some negative aspects? The biggest negative aspect of earth is that it requires a definite flow of positive and negative energies. Any disturbance in this flow affects the environment. The environment of earth is sensitive to trillions of big and small things. Each of these trillions of things can individually in higher potential cause the destruction of earth. If we address one issue the others remain untouched. Just as human body the environment is a body sensitive to many aspects. Why did we introduce mobile phones and wireless connections? Did we ask the (alien) creator of earth whether they will be compatible with his invention called earth? I can prove that a scientist created earth and that every aspect of it has science in it. Emotions too have scientific reasons. I can also prove that science is sensitive and needs maintenance to help run the machinery called earth.

Written by
Ekta K. Kalra

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Service to mankind

We are serving our own future when we serve somebody's present. It's good we are doing it. There should be loaf and hope always available on earth. Love shines in the eyes of those who have seen bread and have heard hope for life. We all have smelled the ugly sorrows now let's stand up and protect those who can be kept safe with our loving efforts. Love <3
Written by
Ekta K. Kalra

Thursday, August 15, 2013

NASA should educate "all" on environmental sciences

Can we be offered a platform to discuss and engage in logical thoughts with some one from NASA team? I would really appreciate if the basics related to the environmental problems can be explained to the people from other educational background and brainstorming be expected from them. Some of us might be very creative. This would be expected from you: 1. Explaining the problem in brief. 2. Providing the really essential information required for brainstorming. 3. Answering whether our creative attempts are good or bad. 4. Helping us brainstorm. The educated class will be educated in environmental sciences and the world will be available to contribute to the global warming effects. Brains are the most powerful tool of human body, are we using most (all) of them?
Written by:
Ekta K. Kalra

Supporting the Weaker Ones

The weaker one can be mainly women in the society but sometimes men being dominated by the wrong women in the family. The weaker one can be a depressed patient or a psychiatrist struggling to deal with patients. The weaker ones need Power. From will the flow of power come and how it will grow to engage better ways in life? Can the most powerful of ours (You) do this? Can you care for the weak and can this not be the biggest expectation from Power of Earth. Can United States stand for this in the beautiful world of ours?

Written by:
Ekta K. Kalra

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Image on Nature and Science

This is an image on nature in relation with science. This creation was guided by my intuition and I made no alteration in the direction of my intuition. For a moment I thought is it that nature is identifying itself with science or is it reverse of this. However, intuition guidance was supreme for me at the time of creation.

Written by:

Ekta K. Kalra

Friday, July 19, 2013

I have problems with humans not God...

I have many problems with humans
But somehow I have no problem with the creator of these existent problems –
I mean I have no problem with God!

*Here the term problem means humans.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Poem: God loves you!

God never placed his hand on my head
But then I have felt it so often
Who is he?

Am I being blessed?

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Poem: Beyond borders my heart shall fly

Far from the borders of nations
Let my heart fly
In touch with the universe of galaxies
Love is felt and seen
I was born to smile.
Will you join me?
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Psychiatrists and Addiction

In the world of crime: A psychiatrist's shine

In the spring time
There is shine;
But in my life
There was only crime.

Indulgent in wine
I lost my childhood,
Smoking away the health
Nothing in me was for pride.

I was uneducated and aloof
Smarter in deceiving others,
But in education a fool,
For nothing good I ever bothered.

I had killed two
Looted more than twenty-two.
I was a criminal
Far from goodness to prove.

It was then in my youth
When my violence was addressed,
A change in me was attempted
A psychiatrist was asked for help.

I was an alcohol addict
Nicotine was also my life,
I was harming myself and body
Till the psychiatrist I felt.

He was gentle and kind,
Polite and with counsel right.
He as if knew my every emotion
And worked for a good man in me,

How much possible this was?
He was hopeful of good in all,
He was educated as a psychiatrist
Psychiatry was his pride.

I worked well the initial days,
But later I gained greater attention
Attempts to withdraw alcohol was made
My liver on medications was placed.

It was painful for a while
For few days there was trouble,
Alcohol had wiped off my health
He was struggling to get me back.

It took few weeks more,
I felt strength in my body when weak.
I was able to live without alcohol
Nicotine was no more my need.

My body was getting better
My emotions were also addressed.
I was loved in the light of the day
At night too I was heard.

The psychiatrist was glad to see me healing
He also talked about my education
He said provisions were waiting
I could get back to school.

There was also training provided
For employment of interest;
No need was there to steal for food
A place was waiting for my good will.

I was nurtured as a loving child
With affection I was built.
Emotions were supported by love and care,
In psychiatrist's roof I found my good will.

I left crime forever
I was training self for good and fair,
My body was talking of health
My mind on good work was set.

This is the real story of my life,
A history that has long been unknown and unheard,
I wrote this to encourage others,
"Step away from crime my brothers."

There is hope on earth,
Life holds a precious worth,
Listen to your psychiatrist's words,
And save your life for future care and love.

 Written by Ekta K. Kalra