Monday, August 19, 2013

Earth is a scientific invention

Who created this planet? God or alien? Who are we searching for? God or alien? Earth was a scientific invention and not a result of bing bang. We need to understand how things are related and not how they work individually. You and me have also affected the environment and our every good and bad deed linked/unlinked affects it. Do we understand that every scientific invention has some negative aspects? The biggest negative aspect of earth is that it requires a definite flow of positive and negative energies. Any disturbance in this flow affects the environment. The environment of earth is sensitive to trillions of big and small things. Each of these trillions of things can individually in higher potential cause the destruction of earth. If we address one issue the others remain untouched. Just as human body the environment is a body sensitive to many aspects. Why did we introduce mobile phones and wireless connections? Did we ask the (alien) creator of earth whether they will be compatible with his invention called earth? I can prove that a scientist created earth and that every aspect of it has science in it. Emotions too have scientific reasons. I can also prove that science is sensitive and needs maintenance to help run the machinery called earth.

Written by
Ekta K. Kalra

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