Sunday, May 12, 2013

Psychiatrists and Addiction

In the world of crime: A psychiatrist's shine

In the spring time
There is shine;
But in my life
There was only crime.

Indulgent in wine
I lost my childhood,
Smoking away the health
Nothing in me was for pride.

I was uneducated and aloof
Smarter in deceiving others,
But in education a fool,
For nothing good I ever bothered.

I had killed two
Looted more than twenty-two.
I was a criminal
Far from goodness to prove.

It was then in my youth
When my violence was addressed,
A change in me was attempted
A psychiatrist was asked for help.

I was an alcohol addict
Nicotine was also my life,
I was harming myself and body
Till the psychiatrist I felt.

He was gentle and kind,
Polite and with counsel right.
He as if knew my every emotion
And worked for a good man in me,

How much possible this was?
He was hopeful of good in all,
He was educated as a psychiatrist
Psychiatry was his pride.

I worked well the initial days,
But later I gained greater attention
Attempts to withdraw alcohol was made
My liver on medications was placed.

It was painful for a while
For few days there was trouble,
Alcohol had wiped off my health
He was struggling to get me back.

It took few weeks more,
I felt strength in my body when weak.
I was able to live without alcohol
Nicotine was no more my need.

My body was getting better
My emotions were also addressed.
I was loved in the light of the day
At night too I was heard.

The psychiatrist was glad to see me healing
He also talked about my education
He said provisions were waiting
I could get back to school.

There was also training provided
For employment of interest;
No need was there to steal for food
A place was waiting for my good will.

I was nurtured as a loving child
With affection I was built.
Emotions were supported by love and care,
In psychiatrist's roof I found my good will.

I left crime forever
I was training self for good and fair,
My body was talking of health
My mind on good work was set.

This is the real story of my life,
A history that has long been unknown and unheard,
I wrote this to encourage others,
"Step away from crime my brothers."

There is hope on earth,
Life holds a precious worth,
Listen to your psychiatrist's words,
And save your life for future care and love.

 Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Psychiatrist and Suicide

Through help attained the lives saved

Emotional stability is hard to achieve,
Easier to talk and difficult to reach.
Pain is not confined to body
Emotions when sad hurt the mind.

What I was looking for was peace
A pinch of joy and a drop of relief,
My son had died in youth
There was pain in heart and tears too.

My friends could not explain,
What a psychiatrist succeeded to,
He could also understand my condition
As my dear ones do.

I thought it was better to die
But he said there was hope in life,
He always wished me well
And helped me with medications in time like hell.

Will I ever forget my son’s death?
Will life ever be like the one I earlier felt?
I was far from the place of well being,
I was busy questioning my destiny.

What sin I had committed, I thought?
Why pain was so intense and hard?
My body was failing to feel joy,
My chest was paining so high.

Without a psychiatrist I would have failed
There would have been no me for my husband in pain,
But I didn’t lose my life, miraculously
I survived the condition, strongly.

It has been twenty years ago from now,
I still live and manage my work properly
I am reasonably healthy and have turned wise
I thank the psychiatrist who then saved my life.

There must be many mothers like me
Who are daily saved in psychiatric clinics
I know it is hard to calculate
But the blessings of many saved fall in their practice.

 Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Psychiatrist and Pain of Mental Disorder

Help at the hour of mental pain

It was a mid night hour of my life
There was darkness on every side,
Thought, happiness won’t for long arrive
I was finding it difficult to survive.

The darkness was growing intense
There was pain but no friend,
Struggling with my brain thoughts
I was thinking how to play my part.

Life could be so stressing
Health too from thoughts can get affected,
I never could imagine sorrows
That could fluctuate my blood pressure so greatly.

But thanks to Lord for hope survived
There was a psychiatrist ready to diagnose and prescribe,
He listened attentively to my sorrow
And made my life hopeful for tomorrow.

The medication worked slowly,
But then there was someone with me
And I was not lonely,
Thanks to the doctor at right time.

I felt there was reason to believe in sunshine
Medication started to work after a certain time,
There were better thoughts in my mind and heart
I felt a feeling of belonging and desire to survive it all.

Death was no more my aim for the seen misfit,
I was saved and many like me have been,
Thanks to psychiatrist for gifting me relief
And a hope for being healthy even in existent misfit.

Many like me suffer
Get hurt and struggle,
Psychiatrists help us survive
Salute to the profession caring for people in dull time.
 Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gay rights

I must engage in a relationship
The world demands consistency.
But what if I deny the norms?
Am I to be thrown in dust?

I don’t like love like you
That asks and demands from the different one
I know it is hard to understand my emotions
But does that mean I am less of a human?

I too feel the adversity of storms
I too get disturbed and hurt.
My needs are different
Should I have no rights to express?

I know it’s the difference
That becomes the cause of fight,
But what is my choice
When I know I am not the same.

I want peace and pace
I will make up in my race
I want to feel comfort at heart,
Please hear me as I am.

Yes, I am a gay
But then is it all that I say
I love my motherland
I respect her pride.

I know there is reason to rejoice
When comfort comes from Divine,
Please listen to my obedience
In all else but not one.

Accept me as I am
I am also of human race,
Your neighbor and friend
I too wish to serve my motherland.

My deeds also educate
Life is a great place,
Let’s not fight on differences
We are born to love and live.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Stop the wars

Carry me towards silence
I am in search of peace.
I don’t want to know world facts,
I hate reality.

There is crime and unjust,
Pain and tortures.
The king moves untouched,
When ordinary dies and hurts.

Don’t teach me disciplines,
I need some shelter.
I am in search of peace,
Is there any country for me?

For the next 50 years or more,
Can any country promise no war?
I am in search of peace,
Is there any place to live?

I want confirmation before I leave my land,
You see, I am leaving my motherland.
I will love the new land from heart,
But then the promise should be of no war.

I will send letters to Presidents
I know the top politicians understand,
Will they convince that peace will exist?
Peace is my only need.

No compromise on peace,
I don’t like attacks near my home,
My home is my town, city and state.
I want the President to assure.

What are you fighting for President?
When I and we won’t live
What good will lands give?
Tell me is there a relief in war?

Fighting is the destiny of earth.
Might be sorry our world
For birth of humans in here,
Wish there were others but not we.

Look what my friend says…
My President says,
“Fighting wars is our need,
Justice comes through guns that breathe,
What you call peace is not required,
What we need is comfort and ease.”

Do you know what comfort is?
The joy of having more.
Security from the world is not guaranteed,
We are searching for another home.

No one knows when wars will end,
When my neighbor’s son will be back home?
Soldiers feel the sorrow alone…
No, now even we fear strange blows.

Walking on the street
Participating in events of sports
When I walk with life
I feel someone might blow

Someone might hurt
Someone might die,
And that someone can be
You or me or we.

I wish there was an end to war
We need food not guns
I wish for medicine
But wounds do come.

Tell me if there is any country
Who promises to live in peace?
I need to spend more 50 years
I will live in that land.

Promise me love and peace,
I will promise to meet your need.
Happiness is not the matter of victory.
Happiness means peace.

 Written by Ekta K. Kalra