Friday, May 10, 2013

Love and care for nature

I must learn to feel.
In school they taught me how to read,
As adult I forgot to feel.
I must learn to feel.
In youth they taught me how to earn,
As adult I forgot to feel.
I felt not when sky stole,
The peace of many houses.
The floods did cover,
The innocent homes.
The children crying for roof
I must learn to feel,
The nature secures, protects and heals
With nature we also suffer to extremes,
If we forget to feel.
We need to feel why pollution is wrong,
And kiss the birds with eyes,
We need to know how earth can live,
And grow more trees for life.
We need to feel why good steps
Can save the world of ours.
Why we should care and shelter
Life of all plants.
I need to feel
You need to feel
Feelings protect the world,
If we grow alone,
We are never safe.
Let’s grow trees as we grow.
Let’s care for plants as our affair.
We need to love all ants,
Millions of duties are assigned to us,
They begin when we feel.
I need to feel the nature around,
As an adult I need to feel peace.
Wars are storms that flood cities
I need to live in peace,
I need to feel what nature demands,
And fulfill God’s given responsibility.

 Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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