Friday, May 10, 2013

Love the nature

Love the nature
Nature touched my hands
Asked me, “Will you help?”
I said, “How can I, you are millions?”
“No, I am not being helped
But ruined over these years of war.
People are forgetting their responsibility
Sufferer is I.
You don’t see me declining
You see your video chats.
Talk to me for a while,
I am more pleasing than your laptop.
Do you know the years of my presence?
I have always grown and renewed.
But these are the years of my decline.
No love in strange mankind.
Can you teach obedience?
To children in your circle.
They think I can be dealt with
As no one in the world.
You live by me
You pray to me.
But you forget my very presence,
Engrossed in your own world,
I am no one around none.
You think I can be dealt like this.
Hurt and harmed
Please feel my need,
You are because of me.
Without me you won’t live
Without you I can still survive.
Then who is more important for life.
Answer me, it’s me or you?
It’s not for pride but for need of love.
Can you care for my leaves and roots?
I just want a home on earth.
You kill me for your own shelter.
Your pages are not as valuable as trees.
Your knowledge not great without me.
I need you, you need me
Then let’s be friends for all time to breathe.
Do you feel my touch on your hand?
Don’t I heal you more than medicines?
Please come closer to me.
Live with me and rescue me
From humans who live to harm.
Dust is not my destiny.
Please change the world of ours.
Love me and I will serve you.
Serve me and I will love you.
Let me live for then you will survive.
Live for me and you live too.
This is my life.
This is for you.
A lesson from trees in disguise.
The need of love for us
So that you can survive.”
I was silent for very long
But couldn’t gather much of my intellect
Trees are intelligent too.
They do speak logic and ask for something
That is important for me and you.
Think to serve and serve with heart.
Love will flow and life will win.
We need to learn to earn good nature.
By steps that challenge bad habits.
Must be a day of learning.
Trees teach love so new.
I need trees, you need them.
Let’s than design a world of care
A caring step followed by many more steps
Trees blossom in our lovely earth’s roof.
       This is the world of joy and real truth.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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