Sunday, May 12, 2013

Psychiatrist and Suicide

Through help attained the lives saved

Emotional stability is hard to achieve,
Easier to talk and difficult to reach.
Pain is not confined to body
Emotions when sad hurt the mind.

What I was looking for was peace
A pinch of joy and a drop of relief,
My son had died in youth
There was pain in heart and tears too.

My friends could not explain,
What a psychiatrist succeeded to,
He could also understand my condition
As my dear ones do.

I thought it was better to die
But he said there was hope in life,
He always wished me well
And helped me with medications in time like hell.

Will I ever forget my son’s death?
Will life ever be like the one I earlier felt?
I was far from the place of well being,
I was busy questioning my destiny.

What sin I had committed, I thought?
Why pain was so intense and hard?
My body was failing to feel joy,
My chest was paining so high.

Without a psychiatrist I would have failed
There would have been no me for my husband in pain,
But I didn’t lose my life, miraculously
I survived the condition, strongly.

It has been twenty years ago from now,
I still live and manage my work properly
I am reasonably healthy and have turned wise
I thank the psychiatrist who then saved my life.

There must be many mothers like me
Who are daily saved in psychiatric clinics
I know it is hard to calculate
But the blessings of many saved fall in their practice.

 Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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