Sunday, May 12, 2013

Psychiatrist and Pain of Mental Disorder

Help at the hour of mental pain

It was a mid night hour of my life
There was darkness on every side,
Thought, happiness won’t for long arrive
I was finding it difficult to survive.

The darkness was growing intense
There was pain but no friend,
Struggling with my brain thoughts
I was thinking how to play my part.

Life could be so stressing
Health too from thoughts can get affected,
I never could imagine sorrows
That could fluctuate my blood pressure so greatly.

But thanks to Lord for hope survived
There was a psychiatrist ready to diagnose and prescribe,
He listened attentively to my sorrow
And made my life hopeful for tomorrow.

The medication worked slowly,
But then there was someone with me
And I was not lonely,
Thanks to the doctor at right time.

I felt there was reason to believe in sunshine
Medication started to work after a certain time,
There were better thoughts in my mind and heart
I felt a feeling of belonging and desire to survive it all.

Death was no more my aim for the seen misfit,
I was saved and many like me have been,
Thanks to psychiatrist for gifting me relief
And a hope for being healthy even in existent misfit.

Many like me suffer
Get hurt and struggle,
Psychiatrists help us survive
Salute to the profession caring for people in dull time.
 Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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