Saturday, May 11, 2013

Stop the wars

Carry me towards silence
I am in search of peace.
I don’t want to know world facts,
I hate reality.

There is crime and unjust,
Pain and tortures.
The king moves untouched,
When ordinary dies and hurts.

Don’t teach me disciplines,
I need some shelter.
I am in search of peace,
Is there any country for me?

For the next 50 years or more,
Can any country promise no war?
I am in search of peace,
Is there any place to live?

I want confirmation before I leave my land,
You see, I am leaving my motherland.
I will love the new land from heart,
But then the promise should be of no war.

I will send letters to Presidents
I know the top politicians understand,
Will they convince that peace will exist?
Peace is my only need.

No compromise on peace,
I don’t like attacks near my home,
My home is my town, city and state.
I want the President to assure.

What are you fighting for President?
When I and we won’t live
What good will lands give?
Tell me is there a relief in war?

Fighting is the destiny of earth.
Might be sorry our world
For birth of humans in here,
Wish there were others but not we.

Look what my friend says…
My President says,
“Fighting wars is our need,
Justice comes through guns that breathe,
What you call peace is not required,
What we need is comfort and ease.”

Do you know what comfort is?
The joy of having more.
Security from the world is not guaranteed,
We are searching for another home.

No one knows when wars will end,
When my neighbor’s son will be back home?
Soldiers feel the sorrow alone…
No, now even we fear strange blows.

Walking on the street
Participating in events of sports
When I walk with life
I feel someone might blow

Someone might hurt
Someone might die,
And that someone can be
You or me or we.

I wish there was an end to war
We need food not guns
I wish for medicine
But wounds do come.

Tell me if there is any country
Who promises to live in peace?
I need to spend more 50 years
I will live in that land.

Promise me love and peace,
I will promise to meet your need.
Happiness is not the matter of victory.
Happiness means peace.

 Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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