Thursday, May 31, 2012

Unheard emotions

Don't fear death, fear life.
In the morning hours I will receive appreciation.
In the afternoon hours I will receive messages of love and hugs.
In the evening hours I will enjoy the day’s good happenings.
In night I will comfort my desires by thinking about these realities.
This will be the life of my dreams.
A perfect model for happiness.
I was caged by thoughts of self protection and I fled when I gained confidence for taking risks. Emotions cage me and emotions set me free. My heart rules my world.


Silence makes more sense to explain about God. Morals reveal the presence of God. Faith is seen in the absence of worry. There are many ways through which nature (human nature) speaks.


Love listens to the beats of heart. Love appears new every second of life. For love only requirement is that it should be true. Old love is new. New love appears old. Love is love what more.
Listen to the beats of my heart

Listen it’s no sound,

It is the flow of emotions in my blood
I too need your love.
True, love needs no words for expression but heart wants to be heard.


God decides, man obeys.


Mostly the colors are same. The drawings differ. There is similarity of character, action, love and hate in most movies. They still differ. We all are in search of happiness...but the approach differs. The same movie directed in 8 billion ways.

Emotions pierce my heart

Emotions take me in the air,

Emotions drag me on the floor.

What I lose is lost without repair

What I gain is gained with fear of loss.

There is nothing perfect except perfect mistakes.

What I am searching for is my lost hair

While not caring for the ones on head already there.

Repair is my dream because the heart says so,

Mind's potential is sleeping I am dragged on floor.

Inadequacy is not the problem

The problem is feelings

Feelings that hurt, harm and drag.

Who flies in the air with a home?

There is always a silence but only in the tomb.

Cannot recommend death as an antidepressant,

Therefore am thinking is there any other end.

Any other end to emotional hurt and harm.

Any end to hurting thoughts.

Why the hell emotions were created

When heaven was possible alone by thoughts.


A miracle shines in my eyes

When I say I love you.

I need support to stand alone

Who says loneliness is good?

Love builds me after defeats.

After hurts if I can smile

It is all because of love.

Love your mere presence

Heals my emotional hurts.

The most powerful of antidepressants

Is love and love alone.

Searching in your words that comfort

Which I get when somebody loves me.

I love to be healed by love

I stand because I am being loved.


Love, heart says love. When the world says, nay We don't deserve love.

Why does every religious book teaches us to achieve an impossible goal? They want to say that meeting God is impossible and this they say by degrading us in our own eyes. Are we humans really that bad?
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Never criticize: Let humanity prevail as a must

Contradiction and contradiction again

What is this indication?

Not the inability of the person

But the possibility of hidden ability.
Intelligence can excel in every field

Move fast with every stream,

There is no harm to the world with rise

But happiness suffers without shine.
Still there are many who hold virtues

They are hidden behind the walls of compromise,

There is light in sight for success

But failure to rise comes with no might.

Why are we contradicting?

Why are we questioning?

Can love not shake all pillars?

Make rise each virtue to its peace?

There will be success without division

Provision of appreciation,

Dealing of criticism by psychiatrists

Every moment of emotion will be supreme.

Light will be like in Divine’s pride.

Will not joys come so many?

Will not peace sit with love and shine?

I am hurt by harm of emotions;

Who is there who feels not the same?

A success story will be declared each day

If we forget to contradict but appreciate,

“For intelligence needs support of emotions”.

Without love there is no pride,

There is shine in dark shadows

If we agree to throw on them our light.

Let achievements not be the criteria alone,

There are some who are behind for turn.

They also need attention and love

Why are we struggling to prove wrong?

Let’s agree to what each says.
Respect for every word

Let each be given a place to grow,

Each a place to stand

There be freedom of speech for every man,

Every woman with chance to succeed,

Let there be light everywhere

Let there be shine supreme

On every platform a hope to excel.

Every possibility with respect

Let there be love before science

Let respect prevail before success.

Let humanity prevail as a must.

Let’s not criticize our colleagues/friends/competitors. Let’s love them all. Our colleagues might be wrong saying/stating something. But if we will criticize their mental growth in scientific discipline can get affected. This can hurt the success of the world. A request: Even if you know someone is wrong, don’t criticize in a way that he will never be able to create a miracle in his whole age.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

My heart fears a fall

How much emotions are dear to me,

My heart realizes only rise

There is no roof for fall.

But the world shakes me;

Breaks my emotions

False love, false promises

False is the interior of hearts

My heart fears a fall.


In your spiritual presence 

What are you looking my heart?

Where are you looking my innocence?

What are you searching good thoughts?

How will you derive peace?

In the height of success

There is ease but no peace.

In fame and money

There is more harm and less charm.

There is a drawback behind every gain

Behind every light a shadow,

What do you want my soul?

Is there in my spiritual presence.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

In future there is a definite rise

God heals hearts

The world believes in the Lord,

We need to bow and respect

There is hope both for East and West.

Things change for reasons ,

Good is derived by wise

Fools weep on every occasion

Friends have faith in Divine.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Confident remedy for Tsunami and Floods


Deep dug wells and tunnels: Covered till required

In order to fight back Tsunami, very deep dug wells should be kept completely covered. The system should be such that at the time of tsunami the wells should open up automatically. This can help Japan and other countries fight tsunami.

Long tunnels extending to several miles can be constructed to collect water during Tsunami and / or floods.

The collection of water can be done by having a mesh below the surface of land.

Pipes that supply water to houses form a network in every city. Similar pipes will be created but not for the supply of water but for the transfer of water from the roads to the building where water can be stored. These pipes will absorb water on the streets by the usage of electricity or other efficient systems. The water that will be absorbed will be transferred to the flood water storage buildings. These buildings will be built especially for transfer to or storage of flood water. This will enable the transfer of water from streets to water storage buildings. This will prevent the side effects of floods and reservoir.

I think making of wells near to the house has been stopped since past several years. This can be the reason of greater problem with floods. Deep wells created in every house at ground level can help fight floods. Also, this can be of some benefit in fighting tsunami. I also believe that the heat transfer takes place by making of the wells. This heat or energy transfer can impart good health to the ground and may become the cause of lesser earthquakes.

Re-enter the tsunami water in the sea

For this purpose a connection between the land and the sea will be made. The connection will be under the ground. The water which enters the land will enter the sea again and this cycle will continue.

For example, when tsunami water enters the land at Point A; in the Point A there will be an established link with the sea water under the ground. The water with the help of tunnel will again enter the sea several miles away. This cycle will continue. The water will enter the land and will be thrown back in the sea through the underground system. It will be an automatic system and will require no external action to achieve it. This can be the best possible remedy for ANY amount of water thrown on land. Send it back to sea!!!

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Miles and miles of smiles

So the truth is we humans are emotional. The reality is our emotions are not protected. The joy is that sometimes we get supreme emotional comfort. The matter is that it happens only sometimes. The point is psychiatrists will always be needed if this goes on. The hope is right medicines will be invented. The desire is that it should happen soon. The faith is that scholars will surely achieve it. And most important of all the benefit is that we will see many more faces smiling. God bless our lovely planet!


Emotions nurture mind towards ambition: It must be a hard time. Thinking to decide on. Thoughts for decision engage the mind for long. Let not the inefficiency find its way. There is always hope through supernatual. Let's submit to unqueness of logic and start life again. Joys pertinent to ambition in mind.


Emotions break me: Life tries to make me but emotions break me. Had there been no heart I would have been another success born. What should I do in light of day when darkness of hearts break me? I am hurt by absence of harmony. There is need of advancement but emotions break me. However, faith can make me ...always make me! Writer is me. :)


So there is confusion and death. The point is not that they exist. The point is that we waste our time in confusion and when death comes we are short of hours in completing our tasks.


Heal thy emotions my heart.

Let's learn self-counselling.


Confidence comes from faith in self.


Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Is love more precious than money or diamonds?

A survey was conducted to know whether “Love is more precious than diamonds”.
People who agreed were the ones who had diamonds.
People who disagreed were the ones who had no diamonds.
Research done by Ekta K. Kalra

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