Thursday, May 24, 2012

Never criticize: Let humanity prevail as a must

Contradiction and contradiction again

What is this indication?

Not the inability of the person

But the possibility of hidden ability.
Intelligence can excel in every field

Move fast with every stream,

There is no harm to the world with rise

But happiness suffers without shine.
Still there are many who hold virtues

They are hidden behind the walls of compromise,

There is light in sight for success

But failure to rise comes with no might.

Why are we contradicting?

Why are we questioning?

Can love not shake all pillars?

Make rise each virtue to its peace?

There will be success without division

Provision of appreciation,

Dealing of criticism by psychiatrists

Every moment of emotion will be supreme.

Light will be like in Divine’s pride.

Will not joys come so many?

Will not peace sit with love and shine?

I am hurt by harm of emotions;

Who is there who feels not the same?

A success story will be declared each day

If we forget to contradict but appreciate,

“For intelligence needs support of emotions”.

Without love there is no pride,

There is shine in dark shadows

If we agree to throw on them our light.

Let achievements not be the criteria alone,

There are some who are behind for turn.

They also need attention and love

Why are we struggling to prove wrong?

Let’s agree to what each says.
Respect for every word

Let each be given a place to grow,

Each a place to stand

There be freedom of speech for every man,

Every woman with chance to succeed,

Let there be light everywhere

Let there be shine supreme

On every platform a hope to excel.

Every possibility with respect

Let there be love before science

Let respect prevail before success.

Let humanity prevail as a must.

Let’s not criticize our colleagues/friends/competitors. Let’s love them all. Our colleagues might be wrong saying/stating something. But if we will criticize their mental growth in scientific discipline can get affected. This can hurt the success of the world. A request: Even if you know someone is wrong, don’t criticize in a way that he will never be able to create a miracle in his whole age.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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