Saturday, May 11, 2013

Gay rights

I must engage in a relationship
The world demands consistency.
But what if I deny the norms?
Am I to be thrown in dust?

I don’t like love like you
That asks and demands from the different one
I know it is hard to understand my emotions
But does that mean I am less of a human?

I too feel the adversity of storms
I too get disturbed and hurt.
My needs are different
Should I have no rights to express?

I know it’s the difference
That becomes the cause of fight,
But what is my choice
When I know I am not the same.

I want peace and pace
I will make up in my race
I want to feel comfort at heart,
Please hear me as I am.

Yes, I am a gay
But then is it all that I say
I love my motherland
I respect her pride.

I know there is reason to rejoice
When comfort comes from Divine,
Please listen to my obedience
In all else but not one.

Accept me as I am
I am also of human race,
Your neighbor and friend
I too wish to serve my motherland.

My deeds also educate
Life is a great place,
Let’s not fight on differences
We are born to love and live.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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