Sunday, May 12, 2013

Psychiatrists and Addiction

In the world of crime: A psychiatrist's shine

In the spring time
There is shine;
But in my life
There was only crime.

Indulgent in wine
I lost my childhood,
Smoking away the health
Nothing in me was for pride.

I was uneducated and aloof
Smarter in deceiving others,
But in education a fool,
For nothing good I ever bothered.

I had killed two
Looted more than twenty-two.
I was a criminal
Far from goodness to prove.

It was then in my youth
When my violence was addressed,
A change in me was attempted
A psychiatrist was asked for help.

I was an alcohol addict
Nicotine was also my life,
I was harming myself and body
Till the psychiatrist I felt.

He was gentle and kind,
Polite and with counsel right.
He as if knew my every emotion
And worked for a good man in me,

How much possible this was?
He was hopeful of good in all,
He was educated as a psychiatrist
Psychiatry was his pride.

I worked well the initial days,
But later I gained greater attention
Attempts to withdraw alcohol was made
My liver on medications was placed.

It was painful for a while
For few days there was trouble,
Alcohol had wiped off my health
He was struggling to get me back.

It took few weeks more,
I felt strength in my body when weak.
I was able to live without alcohol
Nicotine was no more my need.

My body was getting better
My emotions were also addressed.
I was loved in the light of the day
At night too I was heard.

The psychiatrist was glad to see me healing
He also talked about my education
He said provisions were waiting
I could get back to school.

There was also training provided
For employment of interest;
No need was there to steal for food
A place was waiting for my good will.

I was nurtured as a loving child
With affection I was built.
Emotions were supported by love and care,
In psychiatrist's roof I found my good will.

I left crime forever
I was training self for good and fair,
My body was talking of health
My mind on good work was set.

This is the real story of my life,
A history that has long been unknown and unheard,
I wrote this to encourage others,
"Step away from crime my brothers."

There is hope on earth,
Life holds a precious worth,
Listen to your psychiatrist's words,
And save your life for future care and love.

 Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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