Friday, May 10, 2013

Love for nature

I am sprinkling water drops,
On the roof of the leaves.
I want to feel,
Every element of nature.

There is much of miracle hidden,
I am attempting to explore.
Joys resemble nature,
Needs are addressed by trees.

I am not sacrificing life
I am just engaging some time,
To understand, feel and know
The miracles of love in trees.

There is hidden miracle in every tree
The entire breathes cannot reveal.
However, touch and presence of green
Is fruitful to my body’s need.

I am not making a discipline of love for nature,
I am just talking of what already exists.
I know there is need to take care of world,
I am just spreading love to all creeds.

A world where every leaf will be valued,
And every tree will be cared for.
A new world of wonderful nature,
Protected by human world.

A place where life will be rich
With what we give and take,
Service from nature and service to nature
Will be our decided ways.

I am just acknowledging
What is good for practice in real.
I want you to kiss the green around
And breathe in tree’s fresh air.

This is nature in all aspects,
Where human and trees meet.
A place where joys reveal union
Of world of human with trees.

This is the world of my dreams,
Shinning through the water drops.
Making sure to the stars,
Life will continue on earth.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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