Friday, May 10, 2013

Mental health needs: Work or Rest

Diversion of mind can be a useful technique to reduce the symptoms of depression, anxiety and even psychosis. Patients suffering from depression if are taught short courses in the area of interest then they will have lesser time to feel the wounds that cause sorrows. Similarly, anxiety patients will feel good if they have to attend an educational course that requires personal meeting with the tutor. They can be asked to memorize some practical aspects related to a somewhat technical discipline for which coaching is being provided. In case of psychosis, a technical education (not philosophy in any case) can be a great method to divert the mind. Courses can be designed especially for the mental health patients keeping their requirements in mind. Learning and achieving something daily through coaching can be a good method to feel good about self. This can be true even for patients of cancer and other diseases that make a person feel real physical pain.
It has long been stated that rest helps. But can organized and limited requirement of work help better in treatment of diseases and disorders? Does the human body say when will I be resourceful again? Do we feel more happy when we have achieved our goal rather than when we have just begun to feel the “take rest need” for the body? Are we born with the feeling to win the life race then no matter at what pace and at what stage? My research is exploring these realities about human mind and I will update my readers on this as soon as further information is gained.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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