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BEST research in Climate Change Done by Ekta K. Kalra
Do you know which bacteria are present in the vicinity of radioactive elements? We might get a solution for falling apart nuclear power plants from there. Also, the Japan problem might get resolved.
The bacteria found in the vicinity of radioactive elements might be getting their food from these elements and can therefore help destroy the unwanted elements from earth. There is no atom on Earth which cannot become the food of some micro organism. So how can it be there are no micro organisms which eat radioactive elements. Earth exists based on these principles.

The microbiome of Ocean should be studied on the following guidelines. The difference in the microbiome between these three regions should be studied.
(1) Point Nemo is the location in the ocean that is farthest from land.
(2) The middle of the ocean…
(3) China Sea, part of the western Pacific Ocean bordering the Asian mainland on the east-southeast.
The China Sea consists of two parts, the South China Sea (Chinese: Nan Hai) and the East China Sea (Chinese: Dong Hai), which connect through the shallow Taiwan Strait between Taiwan and mainland China.
The number of elements present in a place determines the categories of micro organisms working on it. Thus, categorization and discovery of micro organisms can be based on certain criteria and can be eased.
Similarity between microbiome of humans (& fish) and of oceans should be studied.
Actually the microbiome of fish should be exactly the same as that of ocean, theoretically. Don't know practically I need to check. This can tell us what should be present and what should be deleted.
I mean there are categories of living organisms in the ocean. These ocean living organisms will tell about what is the natural microbiome required in the ocean?
Reason: Why the microbiome of fish/plants living in ocean is same as ocean? Survival is not possible otherwise.
The earth exists on certain basic principles. All living organisms are connected at some point and there are needs of each living organism which are met by the other living organism. These needs if not met by living organism (like micro organisms) are met by non-living organisms (like Ocean).
It is Darwin's theory applied in a different way.
Do you think we should screen the microbiome of ocean as the first step of our research? I think the screening of microbiome will answer many of the questions. Which micro organisms are safe? How many of them can be used? Many other questions get answered by screening. Because then we know what is naturally existing and safe. Our work will be based on nature and will be a natural approach. But all this is only possible if we screen the oceans throughout the globe. I need to study the microbiome of land as well to see the difference between ocean and land. So that there is no negative effect on ocean or land.
There should be images which show microbiome details and changes just like we have Arctic sea images.I need to create a database of information of microbiome on earth.
Can earth bear 50 story building or will it break somewhere on the planet because of this unprepared pressure? What do you think?
Thank you Joanne DeHerrera for sharing my ideas in your group. I concluded that all construction is bad for our planet since it hurts the naturally occurring microbiome of soil, air and water. Also, construction imposes a lot of pressure on the rocks underneath the ground. This pressure can break the rocks below the surface of earth. Since the rocks don't stand equally strong always. Dams, tall buildings and water tanks should not be constructed. I think construction should be totally banned globally.
I mean earthquakes - rock breaking phenomenon. There has to be a limit to everything. Limitless is a fantasy.

The upper layers of rocks might be breaking. The earth below might stay safe. But even by the breaking of upper layers earthquakes are possible.
It is possible to understand the web/network of connections between cities/countries present underground. The areas of connection between two lands can be studied by the study of earthquakes and volcanic eruptions because of huge construction. The network below the earth does not understand the meaning of man made borders. So to take care of your country you have to sure that your connected parts globally are not messing up. In future wars, the countries might construct huge buildings at the border to cause an earthquake in the neighboring country. The truth is that the whole globe is interconnected.
Sometimes I feel that the huge buildings which we have constructed have already caused so much damage to Earth that now survival of Earth can be questioned. May be the outer crust of Earth is already broken a lot. This can lead to several earthquakes and new places of volcanic eruptions. May be now only God can save us from what we have done to our planet.
The Earth's crust all over the planet is not equally strong. It is weaker with lesser support from underneath in certain places. Just as it is skin all over the body but somewhere it is structured as hand and somewhere there is a sensitive heart underneath. We do not know which portion of earth can bear what burden. Ground below the Arctic ice might be stronger than that which we get in NYC.
We need to know what level of damage has already been done to the rocks underground by the big buildings (and other constructed things). We need to study the micro organisms which can put strength back in the rocks below the ground. We need to do this soon especially in developed nations.
Diabetes and such many more diseases might have taken a place in our lives because the naturally existing microbiome has been ruined by man. If this continues then there will be more diseases and less of life on earth. STOP playing with the naturally existing microbiome. SAY NO TO such DEVELOPMENT.
Constructors of huge buildings - limitless earth is a fantasy. STOP this!
Developed nations should NOT have constructed such advanced but burdensome technology for sea and land.
Do earth quakes take place more in developed countries and in the vicinity of such developed cities than in the developing nations? We do not know what the "web" below the earth looks like. But this might help predict something. Just like the arteries and veins get connected at certain points some places are very sensitive so it is with earth. We need to really, really STOP ALL construction.
Say NO to Construction! A call for the whole globe. Listen, the Earth crust has a limitation. This limitation is different in different parts of the globe. Huge buildings can break the Earth's crust. Also, construction poses threat to the naturally existing microbiome which can cause extinction.
If the world will end then the developed nations will end before the developing nations.
We believe in possibility and therefore things are possible with us.
The bacteria that reduce methane can be used. The greenhouse gases liberated by it can be acted upon another set of (different but helpful) bacteria.
Is it that the number of heat generating thermophilic and hyperthermophilic bacteria are increasing in number and causing the temperature to rise of the ocean? Do thermophilic bacteria grow more near industrial areas? 
Are there certain bacteria which generate heat? Because their food CO2 is increasing so these bacteria are growing more. Is it so?
There are certain bacteria which eat viruses if such bacteria could be discovered we would find the treatment of E-Bola and many more diseases like HIV.
A television channel on Climate Change can help drive people to preserve the Earthen.
What about volcanic eruptions more when the outer crust of the Earth breaks due to Earth quakes and then inner most heat finds a way out? The outer crust breaks because of construction and this causes earthquakes leading to volcanic eruptions.It should be studied whether volcanic eruptions are more in developing nations or developed nations. In place of huge construction or less construction.
Should the fare of flight be like this for USA to Australia
1st trip - 1000 USD
2nd trip - 1500 USD
3rd trip - 2000 USD
The more you travel the more you have to pay.
The same for travelling through railway.
And in petrol stations there should be a card system. You pay 10 USD / liter for the first 100 liter and there after 15 USD /liter for the next 50 liters and then even higher.
Do you want this system to be implemented?
Let the people know, if you play with nature you will suffer from diseases because of microbiome change. Let them be warned.
The methane clathrates will create problem only if we apply pressure somewhere.

The Earth won't die out. There are 7 billion brains (Superior to Supercomputers), we WILL find the SOLUTION.
Animated games for children can teach them to Love & Care for Nature.
Every brain should be taught the basics of research in Climate change.
And in every discipline there should be a study on climate change. Thus, every discipline should be multidisciplinary. 
People who are on job should be taught during job.
Elderly people should be taught so that they can teach their grand children.
Every human brain should be utilized for the purpose.
Even a psychologist might be able to come up with some scientific method or at least it can be through his/her own field.
"Each one who can think contribute at least an inch", should be the motto.
There should be a crash course on - "What I can do for the planet?"
What do you think?
There are certain stars which very powerfully charge the earth but I am still not able to locate them.
It can be rightly called Climate Change. It is wrongly called global warming. The real story is different. The microbiome is changing and not that the earth is warming.
A very loud noise can disable/kill human beings. Similarly, a very loud noise can disable/kill micro organisms.
What science needs to do is to make a list of all the new inventions done in the past 10-15 years. And then study which of the them can cause the existent climate change problems. I think microbiome is more important than CO2 problem.
If science cannot save you from your Karma (good and bad deeds) then it is Philosophy/Religion and NOT science.
Micro organisms should be grown on Mars. It will then with time become a place for the sustenance of life of human beings.
You can also charge the water with sound.
Ekta K Kalra You can charge with any source of sound. The sound should be more than silence and less than loud noise. That which you like the water likes the same. We all have the same Earthen (Citizen of Earth be called Earthen) nature.
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Ekta K Kalra When you listen to a specific sound the water in your human body gets accordingly charged then how can it be ocean water is not charged.
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1. One completely closed laboratory. Grow plants in that laboratory. The CO2 level should be 100 times more than that actually present on earth. Microbiome same as that present on earth.
2. One completely closed laboratory. Grow plants in that laboratory. The CO2 level should be same as that on earth. Microbiome 100 times different from earth.
See for yourself what caused extinction of species. CO2 or Microbiome?
All sciences are interrelated. No science should be taught independently. All disciplines should be multidisciplinary.
Specialization is a blockage to imagination and nothing more.
They need to know the whole before they comment on half.
Electro magnetic radiations from mobile phones and Internet might be hurting the natural microbiome of human body as well as other living creatures. Can this be one of the causes of extinction?
What about having bacteria in the companies? Their emissions will pass into a tunnel comprising of micro organisms which will work on the CO2 emitted out. Then there will be no emission of CO2 by the companies since these micro organisms will convert complete CO2 to some better form. Thus, there will be NO emissions at all. The same be true for travelling tools with some more science applied. 
Construction of buildings by man has changed the microbiome of soil, water and air. This has resulted in the extinction of many living creatures. What do you think?
Both chemical pollution and deforestation causes a change in microbiome. The right microbiome is the need for a healthy human being. In the same way the right microbiome is required for the survival of other living creatures.
Can noise change the movement of water? Can a loud noise do more? Can noise pollution do it even more? Is noise pollution responsible for tsunami or partly responsible for it? What do you think?
Nothing in the world moves without making at least some noise. So earth quake might also be creating at least some noise. Probably...not sure. But think about atoms don't they make noise. May be we cannot capture their sound.
Such bacteria which convert acidity to alkalinity should be put in ocean so that these millions of new bacteria can solve the problem of acidity.
Research should be done to find out those microbes which absorb heat and have a cooling effect in the ocean and on the land.
Trees can be made to manage the burden of climate change by altering their microbiome. Same with forests.
A layer of microbes on clathrates (or cathrates) might help resolve the problem of methane.
To reduce CO2 in atmosphere the microbiome of land should be changed to multiply those micro organisms which convert CO2 to more acceptable form. The micro organisms selected for changing the microbiome of land should be from land and not ocean. Just like the micro organisms selected for changing the microbiome of ocean should be from ocean and not land.
Has the genetically engineered plants changed/exploited the natural mircobiome environment of Earth?
Is the world microbiome change the cause of climate change?
Can noise pollution be the cause of climate change?
If you have a weird way to solve the climate change problem. Something that does not fit in science possibilities but is still a possibility (just like Internet)! Share and discuss your weird thoughts here. You never know when an idea will turn to be a miracle done by man!

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