Sunday, March 25, 2012

Environmental changes and human love

It must be heaven,
The planet next galaxy
Joys appear smiling
In the proximity of lights therein.

May be it is traveling,
Happiness trying to reach earth,
Let's do some good deeds
The joys might soon come.

There must be a God
Planning to bless us,
What a love we have for joys
A security supreme within us.

When the world is facing sorrows
And hope is fading fast,
I feel the support of God
A galaxy of heavens far.

NASA has not reached it
Tutors have never taught
But faith and love were never learnt
I have inner convincing power.

Weathers might change
Climate might present self at a different stage,
But I am sure this earth will survive it all
That's why small tress I plant.

I plant them near and far from home
And save the use of petrol
I guide my friends around
Good deeds make lands feel proud.

I also look for education
Small steps with great vision
I am sure of light and provisions
There will be life on earth.

We will celebrate for sure
Millions of years or more,
Mother earth will survive all odds
Together we will stand as a galaxy's part.

This universe of childhood innocence
Adults smiling while making provisions,
Happiness multiplying with inventions
All are the goals of grace with praise.

We know there will be a way out,
And for caring the earth so good
We from all nations and places
Stand as one with brotherhood.

We hold hands of people of every race
Of every land and every place
From different regions and religions
We love earth without any divisions.

Hear my story of God's arrival
Earth's survival for good
All will stand as entirely true
For hope always wins the route.

Come with me in this daylight
Sit with your share of pride
We all have a purpose to fulfill
Let's make earth smile with trees.

When earth smiles
And environment improves
Our children will thank me and you
And sing pure words of praise:

"Mother earth I love you too
Glory be in our deeds for you
May we work to save you
Care and win your infinite fruits."

Written by Ekta K. Kalra 
All rights reserved.

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