Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Man is perfect just like God

Before I answer the question whether God is perfect or not, let me answer the question whether we humans are perfect or not.
  1. Are we not perfect because we are selfish, crooked, etc?
Is it really true that we “all” are selfish? History has presented such several incidences where we humans have sacrificed every bit of their belonging and every inch of their comfort (also their lives) to support mankind. Are we really selfish? Do we not realize that we are born perfect and can remain perfect?
  1. Are we not perfect because we fall ill?
Do we not have an immune system, well developed? Who knows it might be perfect? There is a possibility that our natural immune system is totally perfect and completely capable of fighting “every” disease and disorder. May be we do not realize this. There have been medical cases where cancer patients have recovered after realizing the potential of their immune system. Are depressed patients not healed by counselling? Who knows psychological counselling results in realization of self immune system? I strongly believe that realization of the potential of our immune system can result in challenging every disease and disorder.
  1. Are we not perfect because we face pain at birth and death?
We have the capability to fight cancer. Do we lack the ability to end the pain of death? Sikh religion has presented to the world such religious leaders who sacrificed their lives with a smile; even at the face of most painful death.
  1. Are we not perfect because we die?
Is it really death? Scriptures of all religions say that we do not die but change form. Science agrees that energy cannot be destroyed but can be converted from one form to another. Is change of form an experience or imperfection?
Where do we lack? Misunderstanding our infinite abilities or focusing a lot on present inabilities of the world. God is perfect. What about us? We are creation of the great God. How can it be that there is something possible and we cannot reach it? In the past people use to say that we are imperfect because we cannot fly in the air. Development of aeroplanes has proved this wrong. Many past inabilities have been challenged and many more are in the process of getting challenged. If we will believe that we cannot do many things then how will we do them? We need to realize our true potential and rise in life. We are perfect and only thing that is imperfect is the thought that we are imperfect.
Written by Ekta K. Kalra 

All rights reserved.

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