Monday, April 23, 2012

Need of Appreciation

I get impressed by those who get impressed by me.

I wish I had FB friends who would appreciate me day and night. But the truth is that though each and every of my FB friend wants to appreciate me forever...they are not finding time. O God! Give time to my dearest friends! :)

God and I have decided to make this day of 48 hours. Don't doubt...don't check your watch. Begin the appreciation process! :)

I am only available from 10 am to 9:59 am. 1 minute has already been booked. Don’t wait there is a long queue. Call me any time to appreciate. For every appreciation there is a sure bliss from God. :)

For they live long who appreciate for long. Good for you. I will somehow adjust. :)

O God! Why no response still! This earth is full of tragedies. I wish I had many more years to live. :)

Long live the Princess for the appreciation is on the way!:)

Never mind, I will try to forgive all my FB friends. God give me strength to forgive such big mistakes of my friends. :(

Some people in this world are very shy...just like my some FB friends. They want to appreciate me but cannot speak it. I don't mind it dearest friends, what matters is that you feel. Feelings are more important than speaking. You feel it this is enough for me. I will never ask you to speak it. Love!

Look in the mirror and daily tell yourself, "I can do it"!

Appreciate as though no time will end. :)

One thing is clear from all this discussion: "I actually deserve appreciation".

Who am I to deserve your time and appreciation? I have just been joking for fun. Hope we all smiled. :)

Even after speaking such humble words nobody appreciated. Bad luck on this planet. Ekta, let's move to a different galaxy.

I have no time to travel. I will somehow adjust on Earth.

This doesn't mean I don't have time to listen to my appreciation. I will adjust in this regard. I am kind to this level. :)

Appreciation becomes a bliss for them who speak good words about me. :)

This earth is big but heart is small. The thoughts are strong but emotions are weak. I wish the reverse was true. I wish there was somewhere appreciation for me too.


If the American President plans to appreciate Miss. Ekta K. Kalra.

Think about it.

It will be a day of bliss for ……………………….the President.

If Miss. Ekta K. Kalra plans to appreciate the American President.

Think about it.

It will be a day of bliss for ………………………..the President again.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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