Sunday, November 4, 2012

My Questions asking for intelligent answers

It is said that nature does not take long for anything.
But then they say nature punishes for bad deeds. Then why it takes years for the punishment of bad deeds. People cut trees today and problems (if we consider they come for that reason) come in their lives very late. Why when we hurt and harm other humans we are not instantly punished by nature? 

Does mind gives structure to time or time gives structure to mind? Our mind can rule the time or the time rules our mind? Is time making our mind to run and stop? Or is mind giving direction to time? Is time always right or wrong or are good deeds and misdeeds the mistakes of mind? 

If you mind the time then use your mind to correct the time. If you time the mind then know that death is also for the mind. Limit of time is on the mind and absence of mind is with the time. So who is superior mind or time? To structure the mind you need time. To structure the time you need mind. So who needs whom and how much dependency do they have?

Written by Ekta K. Kalra 
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