Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Why scientists are not called the saviors of earth?

When plague was there no saint came ahead. There was spread of death and epidemic that could possibly end all. It was the time of one of the greatest pain on earth. This has happened sometimes before plague and sometimes after it. If savior is he who saves your life and gives you a possibility of life then why cannot a psychotic patient consider the inventor of resperidone medicine as a savior of his life? Do we even notice what scientists have done for us? Have we ever respected or loved them? Will we never give them the acknowledgement they deserve? Do you think I don’t need to know who invented the lenses of my spectacles? Should I never write a letter of thanks to the scientist who made kidney transplant possible for my uncle? Is the treatment of cataract not a blessing on my father from a scientist? Should we always disrepute scientists because religions say so? Is harmony not possible between priests and scientists? Will priests always call scientists inferior in morals? Are really all scientists so much inferior in morals that they don’t deserve the appreciating words of those who have benefited from their invention? Is this justice to those who work for a good cause? Why is science considered so bad? And if science is bad then why don’t priests ask to switch off the fan, stop using the computers, get away from all sorts of therapies as a protest? I love science and scientists and if that’s a sin then I am willing to be welcomed in hell. Hope you join my race to bring justice to scientists and those who worked for your present pleasant days.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra
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