Thursday, September 20, 2012

Gay: The Nature and the Different

The greatest of the joys touches the human mind when he finds that a person like him has been created by his own body and efforts. What an honor in self eyes! What a platform of reputation! But the questions arises do we really reproduce? Do we really have the power to decide what should be the “nature” of the child? No we cannot make a decision regarding the character of the child. We cannot decide and incorporate the required morals or intelligence in the child. We cannot make a child take birth with certain characteristics. The question is that if we only choose the birth of the child and no external and internal characteristics then are we really the true creative individuals behind the birth of the child?
Do we actually reproduce? It is essential to know the truth and understand the reality from its deepest depth. We do not reproduce in nature. The truth is that nature “uses” us as an element to complete its cycle of reproduction. Human body and mind is so structured that it can be used to create other related living beings. The nature to resolve its purpose has so molded us that we cannot easily find a way out of this set cycle of playing role in the birth of new ones. We do not in reality reproduce with our own preferences. We are made to reproduce as per the set specifications of the nature. The result of this reproduction so called “our child” is also not set as per our own preferences. Thus, human body in reality is used by nature to continue its cycle leading to its long presence on earth.
A person out of control of the nature is therefore considered “different” or “gay” or “lesbian” or “bisexual”. But in reality it can be seen that it’s not the mistake of the person if he is different or gay. Difference is due to the partial or inappropriate control of nature on the body and mind of the individual. It can happen due to various existent problems or changes in the nature. We cannot hate a person just because he is different. We need to understand why this difference exists. Since the word gay has met with great opposition and hatred in the recent past it is advisable to use the word “different” for this category of people. Our motto should be to love the nature in its every form and understand and handle the differences. Hatred resolves nothing but results in the aggravation of the problem. Thus, the different should be understood with more of the heart and application of logic is the intention of the article. 

We cannot accompany reason at every step of life.

We need to also give place to heart in our preferences & style.
Love needs roof to create its place.
Let life follow a place of grace.
Give place to gays.
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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