Monday, September 17, 2012

Poems that speak to the emotions

Love: I wish to write the words of my heart,
           The cause of its beats, the delicacy of thoughts.


I love my emotions,
Love yours too!

Peace, peace each heart speaks

We need to love each race and creed

Proposing a proud association between enemies

We request a world of no war

A world of love and peace.

Peace guarantees health, wealth and wisdom.

Beginning of separation involves a process of happenings not a sudden breakthrough. 

Ordinary dresses,
Ordinary way,
Ordinary is my place;
I think not ordinary 
This is for praise.

I feel I am touched by God.
Is love this feeling of joy? 

I love Divine!
Now  emotions won't disturb my mind.

I love Divine!
Now  emotions won't disturb my mind.

Let's love each other and in this way create our heaven right here on earth. 

The emotions of earth cannot be seen by eyes. It needs a heart. 


Hearts are not working, guns are working on earth

Talk to me emotions. 
I want to  be heard. too are not heard. 
Ears are for science to work on. 
Heart waiting an emotional transplant. 
Let's touch the bliss of God with thoughts. 
We ought to research mental peace
Love is what I mean. 

Let's love today and thus every today.


It is better to die than to live in insult.
Fear not death, fear life.


Universe to serve

So my heart you want to be disobedient?
Emotions you want to drain?
My intelligence moving for a roof,
Will you listen once to me.

I have your long term interests.
You see self -care originates from brain
But you stupid heart call it selfishness.
“I would love to be loved dear brain

I do not care for your drain
Let me fly forever,
I need to measure the sky.
In the proximity of stars I will make my home.

I will travel from planet to planet
In several galaxies will my dear ones pray.
For the joy in our life there will be real hope
I will lighten up with love.

And with love I will breathe
There will be infinity of responses
Each time I would ask for help
There is hope of unity.

World as one
Universe to serve. 


The moon of my life is dim,
Might shine on some other night.

A day will come when emotions will be valued. 
How will you manage happiness when you don't know what exactly it is?


Does my fear of hate makes me love? 

Death was never a surprise. Life can be...

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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1 comment:

  1. "Fear not death, fear life."
    What I mean from it is that we should make our life more beautiful, worth living. Understand others emotions and take care of all near and far. We should make life better than death and then live it. We should also notice that we are not causing death to the breathes which will continue living.