Monday, September 10, 2012

Human brain has the potential to kill the human body

Human brain gets affected by mental disorders. It is then that the brain decides to commit suicide. Suicide is a form of death that takes place entirely due to the decision of the brain without giving any attention to the condition of the body.
Now, let’s take another example, stress kills the human body in several forms. When there is stress there are higher chances of developing health ailments. A stressful mind affects the human body with one or several diseases. These diseases caused by stress can vary from diabetes to heart problem and from cancer to sleeplessness. Again, here stress is deciding both the health condition and the life expectancy of the person.
Human brain has the potential to cause disease(s) to the body. These disease(s) can sometimes be deadly. Thus, the brain doesn’t kill the body only in the form of suicide but can also dramatically lower the life expectancy by causing disease(s). It can therefore be concluded that how many years a person will live will depend on the state of emotions that the person lives in and thereby on the ultimate decision of human brain. Thus, if your brain decides to kill you then your body can soon get affected by a disease and ultimately bad health sometimes beyond the possibility of cure. So it’s the rule of Brain not USA!!!
Note: Can be one reason why medicines don’t work.
Written by Ekta K. Kalra
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