Monday, September 10, 2012

Preparing for rape: A method to make emotionally secure

We all know that rape is one of the biggest tortures on earth. Life becomes really horrible for a victim of rape. She feels that even death is better than the pain of living after experiencing a rape incident. Justice doesn’t wipe all the tears in the eyes of the victim. It is therefore essential to prepare especially virgin girls for the incidents like rape.
Since ancient times we have heard of ways to prepare self for living with less water or less food or some natural calamity. Becoming strong enough to face misfit is the finest of the ways to live life. This gives the reason for preparing for sorrows and pain. One of the biggest pains is rape but there are no methods by which a young girl is prepared to face it, if it ever happens.
There certainly can be moral lessons to men so that they never rape. But what if, an incident of rape actually happens. Scientific methods that can emotionally divert the attention of the victim from the rape incident can be developed. One method for prior preparation for rape incident can be of self massaging the body in such a way that alien touch doesn’t hurt the physique anymore. This method however has not yet been proved through research. Lessons on how to deal with rape incident and how to face the thoughts after its happening might also help.
Research in the area will be much appreciated by the people who want to be prepared for one of the worst sorrows of the world – Rape.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra
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