Thursday, September 20, 2012

Green city: Perfection proposed in love for environment

A city where every car that moves on road is colored green and every dress worn by the residents is green. A place where the houses are painted green and the shops are decorated with shades of green. It will thus be a place where green will speak to the mind and ask for reformation of ways to green. The trees should be saved. The petrol should be used less. There should be more life added to the planet of ours. The green city will speak to the visitors’ hearts. Each man who will walk in the city will move out with new lessons learnt from the green city.
Innovation can do miracles if we believe and implement. Human mind can agree to great sacrifices if we feel and implement. Desires can be compromised if we love the environment so much. We need to design a better world. A world which strongly stands on the concept of saving more than spending. A need is not met by hurting and harming the nature. A dream is cultivated by watering with conservation of trees. We need our hearts to beat but for the world this time. We have to learn ethics with joy and enjoy a life of less expenditure of nature. So that the day continues to shine and the light is drawn also from our deeds. A world that is greener and potentially safer. This is the world of our dreams.

Work on how people can be made to love and care for nature

They who know how to love one thing can be taught to love other things with greater ease. For example, he who loves God can be made to love and care for nature more easily as compared to him who doesn’t love God (or to that matter anything).

Teaching love and care for nature to atheists can be  a tougher job as compared to teaching the same to believers of God.
How good our plant would have been if “Nature” was considered another God and “Love for Nature” a form of worship. A religion will be born which will cultivate years of lives for our planet.


Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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