Friday, December 7, 2012

Gender-Based Violence: Protecting women and teaching men

Teaching morals to Men
Declining morals are an area of greatest concern at the present hour. We need to develop methods, like video games, that teach morals. Movies that take adults close to the world of morals. We need to prescribe morals to the family members of the physically hurt women. Psychiatrists and psychologists should also work on teaching morals to adults. We have to save our earth from moral fall. Moral fall means violence rise.

Moral-teaching Centers

The most effective method for the prevention of violence is still unknown. We therefore present to the scientific world a new thought with good applicability in the prevention of violence. We strongly believe that the most common and prevalent cause of violence is a person hurting person phenomena. Physical and emotional traumas are the commonest cause of depression and their prevalence increases with the decrease in morals. A method that increases morals will therefore result in a decrease in violence.

As per religious teachings and preaching; moral practices are subject to fall and rise depending on the company (good or bad) a person follows, the regular input from moral sources like religious books, and the fear of some power above man. Morals are crucial for consideration in the development of our planet for good mental activities, better emotional security, lower cases of violence and dramatically increased quality of life. Thus, high moral practices can help prevent violence.

If someone will ask me; when will this earth be the most developed place? I would say, “The time when there will be more emotional happiness and less emotional hurt”. This is because we believe emotional traumas don’t just decrease the quality of life of some peoples but they actually lower the quality of survival and life expectancy of almost all people. One method by which this is done by emotional traumas is causation of depression.

Prevention of violence requires improvement of the society on moral grounds. Law can inhibit hurt to a level but cannot uproot it completely. There is a need of lessons on morals that present reasons to lead a moral life. Moral teaching as a subject in school, moral growth in home by parents, moral development by religious leaders, moral inputs by friends; are the methods of making people follow a moral life. But they are not resulting in the performance level that is desired and required at the present hour. It is a necessity because it cannot be ignored that people with morals will make secure others’ emotions and can greatly contribute to the prevention of violence.

Morals are unlearnt by several existent wrong preferences and happenings in the society at large. For instance, video games are making children more aggressive and violent. The duty therefore of a moral teaching center will be to provide ways by which morals are brought back to practice in the society. Techniques that can teach non-violence can be exactly the same as those that teach violence with only variation in approach. One way by which this can be achieved is teaching morals with the help of “right” video games. The point is that video games have the capability to affect the moral level of a person and thereby teach violence. If the video games can affect negatively the personality of the person then they can also be used to affect the personality positively by their same visual effects. This can be because the concentration level required to play the video games is very high and the things done with high attention have more effect on the personality. Same can be true for television which can give birth to the idea of graphically presenting movies that teach morals.

We therefore believe that there can be scientific methods by which morals can be taught and brought to practice in the present world. However, this might not always be true. For instance, if the moral life of our planet declines much further then teaching morals might be more complex, difficult and may be impossible. Considering the present time as a good opportunity to do so we should work on making of moral teaching centers.

Once the moral teaching centers are ready we can begin with the proposal of regular attendance of the sessions by the people. Though it can be initially difficult to do so we can begin with people of certain professions, for instance, for doctors and nurses it can be proposed as essential to attend moral-input sessions for 1 hour in a week. The proposal can then stretch to include school teachers and students. Parents who have problems with the moral level of their children can request for special sessions for their child.

The above discussed moral teaching centers can bring in new hope for prevention of violence. When morals will spread, love and care will cultivate new, there will be honesty in relationship, respect for individuals and this world with lowest possible violence cases will be the world of our dreams.
Media as a medium of teaching morals
Whenever we need to change the content of things believed and practiced by people, we need to address the top most influencing agents (or mediums). The top influencing agent in India are Education (Books in syllabus), Bollywood Movies, Television (including cartoons for children), Video games (Games made to teach morals), Internet (Difficult but not impossible to address). More than 60% of the teachings are originating from these mediums.
It is important to note that children can be taught with easier and possibly simpler methods than adults. Society change can be better confirmed by concentrating on children than elders. Children accept new information with lesser arguments. The mediums of learning can be tackled in the following way:
·         Education: Inclusion in the school syllabus more content highlighting the achievements that were made possible because of women. Example: Kalpana Chawla.
·         Media: Making up of cartoon movies which have ‘females’ as the main character. She should be so portrayed that she gains viewers appreciation for her intelligence and kind emotions. This is because in reality we have very few cartoon shows which project female as the main character. Same is true for Bollywood movies where the heroine is mostly a supporting character rather than the main character. We need to do this for stopping the most powerful influencing mediums from showing male dominating picture to the world.
·         Video games: Developing video games with a female as the main character. The work on making up of video games which teach good morals to the players is under progress in our research labs. These video games will be reverse of the other video games that teach violence.
It is important to mention here that more than the environmental threat our world is going through moral-decline threat which can take a more serious shape than the climate change.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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  1. I am feeling little sad today. My research said that if inhibitions are cancelled then more than 95% of human population will behave in completely immoral manner. This means what the developed countries are doing by cancelling inhibitions on media and Internet can adversely affect our quality of social living.

  2. An extreme loss of morals will be social state whose reversal might not be possible.