Thursday, December 6, 2012

Pharmaceutical companies and Medical need of poor

Pharmaceutical companies are like communist countries
Here in India, when I went to buy medicines at a pharmacy shop; I saw a man reading the cost of the medicines twice and thrice so as to confirm that the price was so high. He was a poor man who might have been forced to buy expensive medicines to support some dear one.
The problem lies in the pharmaceutical world. You know there is a disease that kills 10,000 people worldwide and we are inventing a medicine for it. The cost of invention is some 500 million dollars. So to get that money for invention we allow 100,000 people die of known curative methods. They hardly care whether you buy a medicine or die for want of medicines. What matters is money and the name to this business is called pharmaceutical strategies. Bad world with bad ways, anyways, where was I, I am researching a method to make better the lives of people suffering from mental disorders when people are dying for need of little time and very little money. I wish I was different from the world but then I am a part too. I am hurt by the ways of the world but cannot bring a change too. Weak, very weak that’s what I feel when I think about these two: Pharmaceutical companies and Medical need of poor.
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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