Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Voice of a Woman - Let me fly

Thought a lot,
Some were decisions
Few were actions.

I was stopped somewhere,
No one tells me why
I am treated like a woman.

I am not a man
Known to my heart
Is this truth?

But then why am I
Treated like a woman
Am I really all that weak?

Looked into the mirror
More beauty was there
On my face.

Kissed my human form.
Brain is what is different
Of humans from animals.

I have one such brain.
Am I weak then?
Am I really to be treated a woman?

I have dreams to rise
Arise from my past
Break the bondages.

Free to move and feel
I am feeling your extra care
I want extra support, do I?

I want to fly
Like the birds so high,
For a smile of appreciation.

My reason to rise is
I want to be a part
Of this planet like you,

Are you afraid of joys in me?
Can freedom change me so much?
That you stop my very start.

I am still humble and kind
Can care for my born child
I still love a mother’s and wife’s role.

I want to be in the air
Far from earth into the space
Like Sunita Williams in me too!

Yes, like Kalpana Chawla speaking
Through the depth of my soul,
Let me fly too!

Written by Ekta K. Kalra
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