Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mental Health Conformity Test before the Sale of Guns

Locked Gun Status: To use the gun a password should be required and that password should be made available only to the individual who has passed the Mental Health Conformity Test (MHCT) within the period of past 3 weeks.
Process of MHCT
1.       Dial 111 from the mobile.
2.       The voice identifier would have previously kept the identification of the person. Thus, when the person speaks through the mobile the voice identifier identifies him or her.
3.       The automated voice then speaks: “This is MHCT to generate a password valid for the next 3 weeks for the use of your gun. This password will be required for the operation of the gun. These are the simple questions for you.”
4.       Psychiatrists and psychologists need to design the questions and automated testing procedure. The exact manner of testing mental health should be kept confidential.  For instance, can you speak uninterruptedly on the topic ….for 60 seconds? The exact process of MHCT is under development in our research lab.
5.       If the MHCT is passed the password will be generated.
6.       The password can be generated in free time and can be used later at the hour of need.
7.       Password typing on the gun should be fingerprint sensitive.
8.       It would not take a time period of more than 1 second to type the 3 digit password so that at the time of need quick action can be taken. Three attempts should be given to type the correct password.
9.       The mental health status of citizens of all ages should be confirmed for the use of these guns.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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