Tuesday, December 18, 2012

U.S.-India strategic relationship

Can USA start with the concept and development of Corruption-free centres (CFC) in India? CFC can be opened in educational areas. The admission can be based on US standards and the education system can be totally free of corruption. Enhancement of mind takes place best in the presence of least stress to emotions and physical presence. Affordable and best can be a better strategy than quick money and delayed progress. 

Another point in this regard is discussed below.
1. What are the identified needs of India? For instance, extreme poverty cases.
2. What are the identified needs of USA? For instance, need of sharper brains to march more ahead in research.
3. Where do they meet? Exchange on certain aspects. What are these platforms for exchange? How can they be dealt with? Can there be some adjustment?
One example: Poverty can end by education and the same education can give sharper brains to USA.
Solution 1: Now, if USA works to end poverty in India. People will go for education because they have money for higher education. You still get what you want but the approach differs. To end poverty we too need jobs.
Solution 2: If USA works to supports technology advancement in India then more learned people will be available for faster progress in the world. Does it really matter where the solution to earthquakes takes place? Any land can be honored for this case. Are there any opportunities for Indian brains to contribute t o this cause?
Solution 3: Internet stops the children from taking interest in education. Are we losing something for the future? Can this be allowed?
Solution 4: Good food is essential for right development of brain. Can poor people provide healthy food to their children?
Let’s come to the conclusion. All things are inter-related to each other. We cannot separate and concentrate on some and slightly ignore others. Then why the concentration deals with specific and ignores the others. ‘Overall development of a country is essential’ – this I feel are the right words. And for that we don’t have to change as much we need to arrange. 
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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