Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Internet: A potential long term disadvantage for the society

We all know that sociology and psychology are very sensitive areas of human existence. A change in social order sometimes lasts for ages and to bring about a change in the psychology of people takes years of hard work. Considering these facts, should a ‘sudden’ change in the social order and psychology of people be introduced in any society? For instance, a sudden change in the believe system of people from ‘Trust in God’ to ‘Atheism’ or a sudden introduction of Internet (or a different culture) and its sudden change in the social order of society. Mostly, what can be the delayed consequences of these sudden changes in our society cannot be all said by the short term studies done by experts. So what do you think, should sudden changes in the society of any country be introduced or should it be through the introduction of slow change?
Written by Ekta K. Kalra
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