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Research in Psychology: My Comments to Discussion Platform

Dear Sir/Madam,
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The present education system is very weak. We need to hire psychologists to create syllabus and study materials as well as exceptionally well designed approaches. A reduction by 70-90% of social defects is possible by giving the right education. During education, children need to be ‘Practically-shown the Practice (PP effect on Personality)’ of all good human virtues. Hard work can be taught and expected for future but this is the age (0-12 years) when virtues need to be implanted in the human brain for the best results. Internet can be helpful and supportive in noble causes such as this. Only thing is that such an ‘Easy Access to World’s Vices (EAWV effect on Personality) should be stopped. One can teach morals without Internet but not with it. Please comment on this thought of Better Earth’s Better Social-Stand (BEBSS).
Thank you!
Dear Sir Don Lu,
Good morning!
A) The rich traders and pharmaceutical companies are exploiting the common people. Provision of basic necessities should not be in the hands of private companies like pharmaceutical. For instance, the medicine Paracetamol is needed by each one of us at some time in life therefore it can be considered to be a drug meeting the criteria of basic necessity. The supply of this drug should be done by the government and not by a privately run pharmaceutical company. This will result in the lowering of the price of basic necessity things and no one will die for want of basic necessity. However, to develop this method we will have to redefine basic necessity. Basic necessity can be defined as those products which are essential for survival on daily basis or during the time of some problem or crisis. Thus, basic necessities enable the survival of life on earth by its supply. I think the provision of basic necessities is a human right which should be met.
Politicians should be tested for moral level. A scale to understand the moral practices of the politician should be developed. An extensive research of past social practices and the love for mankind of prospective politicians should be done before allowing fighting an election. Only people who have morals above a certain minimal limits should be allowed to represent a party in elections. Otherwise, what choice do we people have? Choose between the darker side and the darkest side. (Not referring to any specific country). These moral limits can be called as ‘Essential Moral Level for Participation in Politics’ (EMLPP). How can an immoral person ensure human rights? If religion is considered sacred and morals are essential to be a priest then is politics not a greater contributor to human race? Then why should politics be practiced without morals holding any place?
C) Another point, we need to have stricter laws to protect the emotions. Increasingly people are suffering from depression and anxiety. People who emotionally hurt a depressed patient are not punished by law. What protection are we giving to patients of mental disorder(s) at emotional level? Research indicates that depressed patients need care but what they get from our society are bad remarks. To add to this there is no law that protects the emotions of a human. Are healthy emotions not the need of a healthy society? There are people who move on (not mentioning any specific country or location) to hurt others. There are people who take joy in intentionally speaking those things that emotionally hurts others. If we live in a civilized society then why emotions don’t meet their protective need. At least, there should be some emotional protection to people suffering from mental disorders. People openly speak against a patient and this is allowed because it is that speech which can bring tears but breaks no law. When we will learn to save emotional traumas we will succeed to save thousands of working hours, increase work potential and bring smiles on millions of faces. This I think is human right. For further reading you can read by blog on this:
D) This is what I wrote with regard to my emotions on human rights. What are the reasons why human rights don’t meet basic need of human mind? In the presence of human rights there are cases of depression and anxiety. Our basic needs were all that was required but today is it all that is really required. Something is missing in the human rights else why we need a psychiatrist in presence of right to happiness. Do we really know what we need or are we really right in all our making of human rights. Inhibitions sometimes help, you don’t stand at the peak of mountain but then your life is saved. Do we realize this? Are we giving a person that which is bad for him? Just as inhibitions should be lifted from the society are there things on which inhibitions should be placed? We love our children but do we really provide them the right environment with the rights? We are advocating freedom not peace. We are walking towards greater material not realizing better society’s basic needs. An immoral state of society whose reversal might not be possible! There should be restrictions on the things available for view on Internet. After all, we are alive today because we had several restrictions in childhood and today they are required at social level. Also, freedom is not synonymous with happiness. Uncontrolled freedom can cause irreversible damage to our society. I hope you understand what I mean.
E) Is living in a moral society not my human right? The moral decline rate is 75 to 92% every 5 years after the introduction of media and Internet as compared to the moral decline rate of 6 to 9% every 5 years before the coming up of media and Internet. Are these figures not asking us look into the area of “Moral Retaining Actions for Future Generations” (MRAFG)? Do we realize what level of harm we are causing to the society structure, what consequences of it will be seen after 50 years and how much irreversible this social damage can be? These facts were researched by me.
F) Let’s take a case for explanation. If I have met with physical trauma because of attack by Mr. Z then I can apply for local level court, state level court and country level court. However, if I do not get justice in even country level court then I can apply for a case at International Court (Inter-Country Connectivity for Justice Provision (ICCJP)). Now, if I get justice through ICCJP it comes in the knowledge of International-Level of Justice Providers (ILJP) that a case from a specific city, state and country was not getting justice. The number of cases in which injustice was provided in the past 6 months period by the same region and country, the reasons behind injustice should all be studied. A request for change of governmental bodies can be then issued by ILJP based on their rights at ICCJP. This will enable to know that human rights are not talked about but worked upon. This is just my idea I do not intend to speak against or favor of any specific country or region. With respect for all the currently running law systems worldwide.
Please let me know if you need elaboration on any point. I will be very glad to receive your feedback. You words will encourage my work. Thank you very much!
Dear Don Sir,
Good morning!

A) The first and foremost of all rights is the - Human right to right happiness.
Let’s take a case. Suppose, I am suffering from depression because of Reason A. Now this Reason A can be reported by me to the International Law Makers and Depression Breakers (ILMDB). ILMBD can also give the right to propose what I as a mental health patient expect as the solution to Reason A and what are the other things I expect from the society. There can be say 100,000 people worldwide reporting Reason A to Reason Z. A list of the Reasons (A-Z), most desired solutions and expectations from the society should be made. This is the best method I can think of for working on “Human right to right happiness.”
I want to say that my basic human right is “My human right to be happy by the right ways.”
Did any leader every asked a depressed patient what do you want from us? A depression patient A might say, “If you recognize and respect my emotions I get the reason to live or else give me the RIGHT TO SUICIDE (in presence and practice of all human rights). After all, I am not an animal for whom food, home and growth are enough. You keep us alive but don’t give us life.” This is true because we have lived with our emotions for long but we still don’t understand them. Let there be smiles in the eyes of those who have encountered every moment a fresh tear.
Conclusion: If we cannot provide the right happiness then in the presence of all the rights there will be death of self because of no hope for help.

B ) Another point, let’s think what will happen after 50 years from now.
1) More than 50% of the population of earth will want to commit suicide.
2) The order of society will be totally in a disordered state.
3) Every second person will be a criminal.
4) Leaders will work on: “Human Rights on Committing Suicide.”
Is it still not required to work on this now?
C) Disadvantages of creating a material society. ..
Our leaders can define morals and the people will follow. The media can draw a path and we will walk. How long we will move astray and endanger the emotions of millions? Is love so tough that it cannot be taught? Are morals so supernatural that they cannot be learnt? What steps do the leaders take to retain morals on our planet at work? Was born with the dream to be happy, true for all of us! Are working for self and only self because selfishness is being taught! You know we can be taught today but tomorrow might be late. Moral crisis period can be stopped. Are leaders at work? Dreaming of a bit of care and innocence! Will Internet spoil the complete set up of our planet? Will emotions be thrown out of place? The weak ones at the psychiatrist’s office and the powerful ones in front of adult chat! Is this the earth of our leaders dream? Then why steps not taken when they are possible? Are we weak because we have emotions? Are we wrong because we want less of freedom for a healthy society? Should we be ignored because we tell that just freedom is not enough, we need more? What we are losing while gaining? What we are leaving behind while moving ahead? Can we not be heard because many of us had mental illnesses? Do they who hurt be considered normal and they who get hurt be considered as abnormal? Who will answer our questions and come forward to give joys to our heart? Our heart is in search of peace! Peace is not all of freedom…
E) Can Human rights leaders do this for encouraging education for female children? Independent and working women’s parents should be given some monetary amount as pension in old age. This amount should be given because these parents have educated their daughter well and have made her educated enough to hold a responsible position. The level of education provided and the responsibilities of the job work done by their daughter should decide the amount of money they will get in old age. Plus, the parents of educated ladies should get free medical insurance in old age. This method can work miraculously well in India.
Thank you very much!

Dear Sir/Madam, Good morning! I see in the picture that there is a difference in skin color. A black colored skin child is being lovingly taken close to heart by a white skinned lady. This form of human love and care brings greater respect for kind deeds. I was thinking something. If we should change and transfer, I mean we could change the working people in every orphanage to white where black children are taken care of. Next, we will change working people in every orphanage to black people where white children are taken care of. Same is true for schools. I mean if the school has more of white children in the classroom then the teacher should be black and if the school has more of black people in the classroom then the teacher should be white. This way we will ensure that racism is uprooted from the hearts of children and future generations will love and respect people of all skin colors. Just got this idea by looking at the picture, after all, children form our future and their minds can still be made to accept well. It is applicable to all countries with slight changes. Thank you very much!
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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