Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Environmental changes and lengthening life

Breathing exercises (pranayama) can help treat many diseases and disorders. This has been proved by research. I have developed a technique by virtue of which anybody can perform breathing exercises. It will be an instrument with which even a patient in coma can be made to perform the breathing exercise. The added advantage of this instrument will be that just by using it for 30 minutes anybody can feel fit. You don't have to do anything it all gets done by the instrument. In addition to this, I have an idea by which I will create an instrument for the nose which will enable exclusive good air breathing. Suppose I am in Japan and in the air their are invisible nuclear fallout. I will then wear this instrument inside my nose. I will fix it. I can then stay in the area of Japan with high sensitivity and still not get affected. This is because the air that will pass my nose will get filtered. I call this technique as additional filters technique which filters the air again. The development of this technique is essential as soon as possible since there are many hazardous substances in the air of the present time. The advantage is that it won't be a mask but a filter inside the nose. Also, considering the fact that most of the breathing is done by the nose this technique will ensure life of a longer duration for anybody living in any part of the world. I can develop these methods which will help sustain healthy life. Healthy life is essential for development.

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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