Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Leaders helping others

It is an idea to create leaders, encourage helping behaviour and create a perfect community of people. The idea is: Suppose I live in the place called XYZ. All those people who are in need of help of any form will post their needs in their own residing locations. When I have few hours free I will check the needs of the people living in an area of 100 miles near my house. I might decide to help two people near my house. When I am helping and I have helped my photographs and helping hand will be included in the TV channel Helping Hands. Thus, this system will operate with the help of Internet and TV channel. With the help of Internet I will locate the people in need around my area and with the help of TV channel I will be appreciated and encouraged for future helping works. This will enable to know who is helpful to what level near my house. So if I need help of a particular type whom I should contact. Since good deeds will be appreciated in TV channel the people can choose their future political leaders from the ones who help most.  
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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