Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Best method to fight domestic violence

I would like to create "Women's Scream Detection Software". This software will work with the help of Internet or the telephone or the mobile. The purpose of this software will be to detect screams and immediately report about such screams. For example: I have one mobile in my home and because of some problem I start screaming. Screaming will immediately send unique signals through the mobile or Internet connection to the concerned department. Every home will be required to install the scream detector and keep it ON for 24 hours. Thus, if the husband is beating the wife then the scream detector will detect this sound and report so that the action can be taken. This can prove to be the best method to fight violence against women and children. Please note that scream sound can be so configured that the purpose of scream can be known and talks other than the screams won't get recognized or recorded. Suppose there are three women in my house then the software will be so installed that it detects these three different voices by name and can distinguish the screams of these voices from the voices on television shows. The software will also look for some crying voice before or after the scream. The software will also look for some banging or hitting sound. I would love to develop this software!

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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