Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Planets can be normal and abnormal too

Just as there are normal babies and mentally and physically challenged babies, there are planets which are normal and which are challenged. Both are planets but one is in working order and the other is disordered. May be some of the planets in our solar system were born with disorders and therefore they never had life on them. May be some of the planets caught an incurable disease and died. So may be some of the planets in our solar system are dead. A human body is a human body whether dead or alive. Are we working on dead planets? Are the planets around our planet dead or disordered planets? What kind of disorders a planet can be born with? Is life the requirement of the planet for long run survival? Or is it that only we are dependent on planet and the planet is not dependent on us? Are we humans responsible for the existence of this solar system? Is there some form of energy that is transmitted through humans which makes the solar system a reality? Are we humans the most important element of the solar system? Are we required just like the sun?

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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