Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Creating charged bodies of water on earth

I want a tank of water for this project. I want to preserve the energies from the sun, moon and stars in this tank of water. It will be constructed in the manner such that the rays of moon and stars fall directly on the water. The water will later be studied for providing health benefits to the people of the world. It will be a unique project in itself since a tank water to preserve energies from moon and stars has never been created before. Its water should not be made dirty or touched by feet. The tank will comprise of water of high level of positive energy. The tank of water will be surrounded by hundreds of Tulsi plants to increase the positive energy. It can be a place of worship but the objective will be to "concentrate" positive energies in one place and check for its effect on human health, intelligence and city as a whole. I can create a platform of calmness and positive energies which can deliver that peace which is searched wrongly in drugs and alcohol. The tank water will be very good for the environment. One more objective behind this will be to create a purely natural and clean place in every city. I mean the place will be the one that is most desired by earth. Just how the earth would have been untouched by loud sound and harsh realities of existence. "I want to create a piece of perfect place in every city. Perfect with respect to water, energies, land, plants, etc. I want to see what a piece of perfect place can do for the environment and mankind as a whole. Untouched by dust; smiling through sky's energizing rays." I would love to do this!

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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