Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Learning to give to poor people

Suppose I live in the place called ABC of India. There are 10 extremely poor people near my home. The monetary status of the poor people can be calculated by the government. Now each of these 10 people will have the right to collect Rs. 2 per week from the adjacent 25 houses of the rich people around them. This means from the houses near the houses of these 10 people they will collect Rs. 50 per week. To survive as an individual in India (to have food) this much amount can be sufficient for an extremely poor person. The rich person will in turn be served on one day in every 6 months by the poor people. “It will be that I give you for sure and you give me if you can.” That is to say that the rich people will give for sure Rs. 2 to each of the 10 person every week and the poor man will give if he can. This will cultivate the habit of "giving to poor" in us Indians and then we Indians might stop giving a lot to the temples as they normally do. The children will see that the rich and the poor work together to make the world better. I am still thinking about how exactly it can be best presented. However, this is somewhat like the way it could be. :)

Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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