Thursday, September 19, 2013

Is the climate responsible for our current status or are we responsible for the climate?

What is more important? First humans affect by climate or does first climate controls humans. This is important. For example, in the absence of sunlight I feel depressed because that is how my human body is programmed. Now, if because of depression I feel mad at things around and start plucking and uprooting plants. Where is the mistake? Who is affecting whom more? Who is affecting first? Is climate affecting my mood and my mood then affecting the environment or is it the reverse? The climate has no life but it can be more potential than human life. There can be a climate when I feel lazy. I don't even care to water the plants in my garden and they die. Who made me lazy and how plants affected me to be more of that? I think climate has affected human beings more than human beings have affected the climate. The more powerful is climate and the more powerful has more control. We should also study how the climate has brought us to the present stage of civilization. I mean the present status of our society is because of the climate and this is truer than the concept that the present stage of the climate is because of us. Are humans a prey of climate? I hope I have made myself clear.
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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