Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Even a slightest action has a great effect on universe

Is there anything without any effect? Is there any change possible anywhere in the universe which will have absolutely no effect? Is there simply anything that makes no changes in energy or anything else? Then why do people doubt that everything affects? How much it varies? But yes change of name had an effect. It makes a difference. Everything makes a "difference" (or changes) in our world.

Some people ask how much difference it makes. What difference it makes? To what extent difference will be made? This is a very, very difficult question. My one mortal life is unable to answer it. Let me explain. If I pick up my one pen from table and place it on the chair, what difference did it make on earth as a whole? What difference it made in the whole of the universe? Immense effect. No one can calculate effect of even the minutest of the things. No one knows what difference things make. So be satisfied with the answer that everything makes a difference. Can you tell me what exact difference it will create on earth if I stop breathing for 20 seconds? Calculate it. I give you 1 million years to calculate the difference it makes on the whole universe if I stop breathing for 20 seconds. You won't be able to do it even in that much time. Just remember before touching anything that it makes a difference. This is my research if you disagree let me know.
Written by Ekta K. Kalra

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